A Point of Departure

Why travel?

We decided that we needed to re-assess life.

We decided to re-think our goals after we met and fell in love, to find a unified vision of the future, without the blinding intensity of the present.

We also decided that such an assessment could not happen in familiar land.

Then the idea was born, a grand tour of Europe. A survey of other cultures, similar enough to our own, but different enough to illuminate what we wanted to change, adopt, and remove.

There’s a saying:

“The Earth is the cradle of the mind—but one cannot eternally live in a cradle.”

In the same spirit, we needed a change.

The risk of selling everything and running off to Europe was calculated and strategic. Other cultures, even in their differences both major and minor, can shake up all kinds of unspoken assumptions about living and thinking. We needed that shift in pattern. This tour is not just a vacation, nor a sabbatical. It is a deliberate choice to change the future. Our future.

So after a lot of back and forth, we took the plunge and bought the tickets, six months from departure. A journey to another continent, living in the homes of locals along the way, experiencing how other people live, from Hungary to Spain and countries in-between. Three full months of travel.

Our Travel map

We invite you to follow along. We promise honest insight and pretty sights!

Our tentative itinerary:

Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Munich, Germany
Berlin, Germany
London, UK
Dublin, Ireland
Paris, France
Seville, Spain
Granada, Spain
Cordoba, Spain
Malaga, Spain

9 thoughts on “A Point of Departure

  1. try to find a way to visit Barcelona…will be worth your while. let me know if you do so i can send you some recos. can’t wait to read about your adventures!


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