A Detour from Our Main Diversion

Our visit to The Vienna Prater was a relaxing day. Now it may sound like every day is relaxing when you’re touring Europe, but it can be exhausting in a lot of ways, all of this running around through cities – not that we’re complaining!

So today we went to Vienna’s historic park, drank beer, ate bratwurst, and rode on a giant Ferris wheel. Allow us to walk you through our day.

The Vienna Prater has a lot of history, like everything in this city.

The giant Ferris wheel – Wiener Riesenrad – was built back in 1897, and the park has been part of the city’s local family culture ever since.

As you slowly rise to the top, the wheel provides a wide view of the entire city.

Today was one of the first spring days emerging from the last gasps of gloomy Austrian winter. The skies were clear and everything was visible.

Aerial view of Vienna from the Wiener Riesenrad

There are no admission fees to enter the Prater, you can just stroll right in. You only pay for each booth or ride.

It wasn’t much different from any fair back in the United States, so it felt a lot like home.

Before we left, we competed in dart throwing. We tied 4-4, but the guy gave us a consolation prize anyway. Anamaria named him Fergus.

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