Partial Eclipse of the Heart

We were lucky enough to experience a partial solar eclipse while we were in Vienna. It was Daniel’s first time and Anamaria’s second since she was nine years old.

A crowd gathered in Maria-Theresien-Platz in front of the Naturhistorisches Museum. Astronomers and experts also gathered with gadgets and explained the event that was about to take place.

We arrived two hours early and lined up for eclipse-safe glasses.

Then it was just a matter of waiting.

One of the most interesting parts of the eclipse was the change in lighting and the shadows cast by the sun. It seemed almost like the sun was about to set.

Shadows were only partial.

We made several friends along the way, as many people wanted to borrow our protective shades to see the sun. Since we got there early, we were able to buy up a few pairs before they sold out!

Afterwards, we went to a nearby cafe and had a really healthy, delicious brunch. It was a great morning.

Was anyone else able to see the eclipse?

2 thoughts on “Partial Eclipse of the Heart

  1. So glad you got to see this…Saw solar eclipse in 1968 & lunar eclipse Myrtle Beach 1996 or so. These updates are special btw…Paw Paw & me both enjoy & look forward to them…


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