Postcards from Munich

After leaving Prague, we traveled across the border into Germany, to the Bavarian city of Munich.

Neues Rathaus

As an absolute top priority, Anamaria insisted that we walk through the city’s English Garden.

This centrally located park is enormous, even bigger than New York City’s Central Park! The perfect way to spend a morning and afternoon.

Englischer Garten

The paths through the park were filled with families and friends enjoying Easter and the pleasant weather, and musicians could be found at almost equally distant intervals throughout the gardens, playing traditional songs that created an almost timeless soundtrack for the area.

We found a Greek Ionic-style temple on a hill, overlooking the park and the city, dedicated to a king of Bavaria.

Later on the path, passing beautiful green-headed ducks and well-behaved dogs running free without leashes, we found a Japanese tea house, sadly closed for the holiday, which itself was not far from a rushing waterfall that made a very pleasant, peaceful sound.

After sitting by the waterfall for some time, we followed the stream, where we discovered intrepid locals surfing on an artificial river-wave. Shortly thereafter, it began to snow.

We left the river surfers to their endless wave and walked towards the local university and its surroundings, in search of Munich’s modern art museum: the Pinakothek der Moderne.

The museum has a running special on Sundays: only a euro per person.

Concluding our day, there was still trip business to wrap up. So we walked to a nearby cafe and planned our next adventure – to the mountains, near the border of Austria, to Berchtesgaden.

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