A Snowy Bavarian Spring

We chose to stay in Munich not so much for the city itself, but the surrounding countryside.

There’s so much to see with day trips through Bavaria and nearby Austria, a uniquely beautiful part of the world. We decided that we needed mountains in our life, so we drove into the Alps and made our way to Obersalzberg and Berchtesgaden.

Our view during the bus ride

Obersalzberg has a lot of history as a salt mining city, but the area is primarily known for being the second seat of government of the Third Reich. For being a terribly evil group of humans, they really knew how to choose real estate!

Tourists usually travel here to see the Eagle’s Nest, well known to Americans acquainted with World War 2 history or the HBO series Band of Brothers: this area was liberated by the 101st Airborne, who celebrated the end of the war by looting Nazi buildings with abandon.

Due to the unpredictable weather at this altitude, and due to the time of year (we visited a little too early, unfortunately), the mountains were covered in snow and the road to the Eagle’s Nest was closed.

We visited a documentation center that maintained a permanent exhibition of National Socialism, based out of a former Nazi bunker, and then we cheered ourselves up with a snowball fight afterwards.

We bussed back down to Berchtesgaden and walked through the town. It began snowing heavily, so we found shelter in old churches and cafes periodically.

This tour was very complete, affordable, (and romantic!) We recommend booking with the same company. Following the month of May, the trajectory additionally includes a journey up to Eagle’s Nest.

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