Ireland: From Coast to Coast

Ireland is a magnificent country, and it’s really quite small, which makes the Irish countryside easily accessible from the city.

You can reach any coast of Ireland (including Northern Ireland) from Dublin in just a few hours.

Now, the most appropriate way to explore Ireland is by renting a car and driving through its scenic roads, but we were intimidated by all those drivers driving on the wrong side of the road! We took day trips by bus out of Dublin instead.


We first headed to the popular Cliffs of Moher. In order to reach our destination, we traveled all the way across the island, from east to west.

Our first stop was the city of Galway. We then indulged in the beautiful views the coast has to offer.

Even before arriving to the cliffs, we were taken away by the unique scenery, with geological formations that reminded us of some kind of lunar landscape.

Eventually, we arrived at the cliffs at the edge of the world. Standing at the top of the cliffs and looking over the ocean, the fast winds brought pelting rain and hail in waves.

The unpredictable currents battered us, even causing a sandstorm over the third cliff. But these fluctuations were only temporary, and the weather was mostly sunny, if a little cold from the constant Atlantic wind.

Ireland has exceeded expectations. More Irish adventures are soon to come!

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